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Our story

Passionate about providing people with a compelling shopping experience, we help retailers flourish. And it’s this that powers our business, driving our long term success.

We own some of the very best centres in the strongest locations right across the country, as well as the UK's first multichannel transactional shopping centre, Offering easy access to great places for shopping and socialising to more people than anyone else, we attract over 400 million customer visits each year.

There was a time when our business was fairly straightforward. We created buildings and filled them with shops. We kept them clean, comfortable and attractive. We marketed spaces, collected rents and encouraged people to visit us.

But things change. These days people expect far more from their shopping centres and the journey they take in making a purchase is more complex than ever. So, building on what we’ve always done well, we’re committed to making our centres even better.

And how are we doing this? Certainly by continuing to provide the best places to meet, eat, drink and be sociable. And by continuing to offer access to every one of the UK’s top 20 retailers and the global iconic brands they love.

But most important, through our brand intu, we create uniquely compelling experiences, surprising and delighting our customers. This means providing both consistently outstanding service and the technology people need to get in touch and stay connected.

With all of our staff fully energised by this vision, we attract more customers, who want to come back again and again. By becoming part of people’s lives, we help create value for our retailers, our communities, our investors and ourselves.

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