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We are committed to supporting our local communities, delivering economic growth and operating with environmental responsibility

CR report 2015

We're building social togetherness

Read our 2015 CR report



Joyful and engaging experiences enrich us all. Intu is committed to giving all who visit our shopping centres an offer and an atmosphere which will cause them to end their visit with a smile on their face and a determination to return.

Our commitment

We take our responsibility in all areas seriously and we are committed to ongoing improvement across these areas.


We recognise that we have a responsibility not just to manage and minimise our day to day impacts on the environment but also an opportunity to share our good practice and influence our delivery partners, retailers and visitors to our shopping centres.

Patrick Burgess

We're building social togetherness

Read our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Contributing Report 2015

Find out how we contributed to the UK economy in 2015


Our active approach to community involvement helps us to protect and enhance our reputation by demonstrating to our stakeholders, locally and nationally, that we recognise and take seriously our community responsibilities.


For us, corporate responsibility isn’t about marketing gloss or PR. It’s a practical and sustainable approach to doing business and making a difference at our centres.

Responsibility news

Responsibility news

Latest news on our CR activities