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Governance and policies

Our sustainability team develops and manages our sustainability strategy and reports on progress. The chief executive has ultimate responsibility for sustainability.

The Board has direct responsibility for determining strategic direction and policy of CR and sustainability through the Board CR Committee. The CR Management Committee is responsible for the operational implementation of the CR strategy. This is chaired by the Corporate Responsibility Director and is responsible to the Board CR Committee.

Corporate policies

We have a comprehensive set of policies that supports the delivery of CR:

1. Community Relations Policy

     a. Community partner pack

     b. Community tool kit

2. Environmental Policy

     a. Energy Management Guide

     b. Environmental Guide (Design & Construction, and Operations)

Read our Modern Slavery Statement and policy here

Read our corporate policies here

Read our people policies here

Materiality and stakeholder engagement

intu has been engaging with its stakeholders to understand the issues that are important to them for a number of years so that we are able to use this to inform our strategy. In 2016, we reviewed our materiality process ahead of refining our CR approach as we meet a number of current long term commitments early.

The issues considered to be most core to intu are economic development, employee development, energy management, labour rights and customer safety.

We are undertaking a further materiality exercise in 2019 as part of our strategy development. 

Data collection and assurance

CR data is internally audited on a regular basis. The CR data is also independently assured by third party assurers Corporate Citizenship. This covers our directly-managed centres and the scope of verification includes adherence to the policies that support the delivery of CR and the data management process.

Data is reported and checked on a regular basis and any issues are raised and managed through the CR Management Committee.

Organisational boundaries and coverage

Operational control approach

We apply the operational control approach to the scope of our environmental and socio-economic management. This applies to the operational performance of the common part areas (CPA) of our directly managed centres and our Head Office in the UK (landlord consumption). We report on the base building performance of these directly-managed centres.

Economic contribution data

The data from Lichfields on the economic contribution of intu includes data from all of our UK centres, not just those that are directly managed. 

Data collection and monitoring

CR data, both environmental and community, is collected at each centre individually and is disclosed to the CR Management Committee three times per year. Our internal audit function visited four centres during 2018 to conduct CR health checks and our external assurers, Corporate Citizenship, visited two centres in 2018.

Reporting indicators

We report against EPRA and GRI indicators, please see the GRI/EPRA table, which sets out where all CR performance indicators can be found in the CR report, Annual Report and intu website.

CR risk management and compliance

intu’s assessment of CR risks forms part of a comprehensive review of the full spectrum of corporate risks undertaken as a part of the company’s annual reporting process. Responsibility for the executive management of the processes involved in each area of risk is assigned to the appropriate individual member, or group of members, of the Board.

The company uses the precautionary principle in taking environmental impacts into account, and complies with all applicable legislation. intu has been subject to no sanctions or fines for environmental, health and safety or other infringements in 2018.