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Environmental efficiency

We work together with our visitors, suppliers and industry experts to operate our centres efficiently, limit our use of natural resources and develop sustainably

As the impacts of our changing climate are becoming better understood and increasingly visible, businesses and governments are becoming more ambitious with their climate change goals in order to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

We recognise the need to manage natural resources efficiently to deliver sustainable growth. It means we can reduce costs, create jobs through the green economy, improve our own health and wellbeing and respect the limits of the planet.

We continue to develop and drive environmental innovations across the business through Green Lab, our sustainability innovation group. We are now considering the next phase of our sustainability journey, including how we transition from limiting our negative impact on the environment to having a positive one.



of waste diverted from landfill


number of EV charging bays across our centres


annual reduction in electricity consumption


reduction in carbon intensity since 2010

We have been impressed with intu's rapid carbon reduction; we are proud to work with them on their next stage of becoming a low-carbon company

John MacDonald-Brown

Consultant, Syzygy Renewables

Our focus

We recognise the need to minimise our impact on the environment and respect the limits of the planet. Through operating and developing our centres sustainably we can reduce our use of natural resources. Our activities are focused on five material issues.

Energy and carbon management

Shopping centres are large consumers of energy and so reducing our carbon footprint is essential to limiting our contribution to climate change. We use energy efficiently and are increasing our directly sourced renewable electricity and onsite generation. We have already reduced our carbon intensity by two thirds since 2010.

Waste management

Retail, catering and leisure operations produce large amounts of waste. Our focus is to make sure that none of this waste is sent to landfill, to support recycling for as many materials as possible and to identify innovative solutions to reuse waste.

Water efficiency

With a million visitors a day, our guests water use is significant. Our aim is to minimise our water usage, while maintaining visitor comfort. We are trialling and using new technologies to help us to achieve this.

Sustainable transport

A diverse and sustainable mix of transport modes is vital in ensuring the continued success of our centres. We work with key stakeholders to ensure our centres are accessible by all forms of transport. We aim to help retailers, staff and visitors make more sustainable travel choices and support the creation of sustainable cities and communities through the shift to electrified transport systems.

Sustainable development

We design and build our centres to be as efficient as possible. Our focus is to make sure our centres are built with consideration to reducing both their development and operational impact on the natural environment while maximising social impact. Our centres must also be resilient to changing weather patterns and future global challenges.