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Communities and economic contribution

We create value by supporting high-quality employment and training, investing in the local economy and bringing people together to create positive and lasting change

Our centres are at the heart of their local communities and our actions have a direct impact. We want to make sure it's a positive one. 

For our centres and brands to flourish, we need to invest in our communities and to make sure there are the right skills in the local area to support our leisure and recruitment needs. We also have a role in responding to social needs and supporting causes important to our communities. We do this by working with our stakeholders to tackle social problems, develop education and training opportunities and create shared value.


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Working together helps to spread autism awareness and transform the lives of autistic people and their families."

Sophie O'Donoghue

Head of partnerships, National Autistic Society

Our focus

We work in partnership with local organisations on initiatives that bring prosperity and encourage inclusivity. We focus on supporting economic inclusion by improving skills and creating employment opportunities. We also invest in partnerships that address health and wellbeing, accessibility and youth inclusion.

Supporting local economies and employment

We make a significant economic contribution to our communities and have an enduring social and economic impact in these areas. We bring considerable investment and employment to our local communities through employment (in several areas we are the largest local employer), the taxes we pay, and by retaining local spending within communities. We empower and equip people to be ready for work through a range of skills and employability programmes.

Health and wellbeing

Ensuring healthy and happy communities is central to our purpose. We want to help our customers and our staff improve their wellbeing and get involved in looking after their communities.


Our goal is to be known as the accessible destination of choice by providing the right support and enabling our customers to visit our centres as independently as possible.

Charity and community support

Our high-footfall locations allow us to support charities to promote themselves and their causes to the wider public and raise funds in our centres.

Employee volunteering and wellbeing

Our people are one of our biggest assets and one of the most valuable things we can offer to the community is our time and expertise. Volunteering also benefits our employees’ well-being and we want to make sure we support our employees to live healthy and happy lives.


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