Major shareholders


Shares held at time of last notification
Per cent held at time of last notification
Date of last notification
Peel Holdings (IOM) Limited* 370,215,322 27.32% 15-Jun-18
Coronation Asset Management (Pty) Limited 284,522,649 20.99% 02-Oct-18
STC International Limited and Novatrust Limited** 81,252,426 5.99% 14-Sep-18
Public Investment Corporation 82,471,068 6.09% 20-Feb-15
BlackRock, Inc. 71,386,632 5.26% 28-Dec-17

*Disclosure on 9 July 2018 aggregates Peel Group interests with the interests of John Whittaker, Deputy Chairman of intu properties plc and Chairman of the Peel Group and his Persons Closely Associated.

**As a result of a re-organisation of the trusts holding the original 8.2% interest in the company on behalf of Sir Donald Gordon and his family, the only entities now required to disclose a holding over 3% are STC International Limited and Novatrust Limited, in respect of whom we have received recent TR1 notifications.  The remainder of their interest is held by individual family members or their nominee companies, none of whom is currently required to make a disclosure under the DTRs.

The Company's issued share capital on 19 September 2018 is 1,355,040,243 ordinary shares of 50p each. The percentages shown above are calculated using the shares in issue at the date of each notification, and therefore may not accurately reflect the holding as a percentage of the current issued share capital.

Last reviewed 19 September 2018