Your kind of shopping

Our business strategy has customers at its very heart and everything we do reflects that to ensure that every customer encounter in-centre or online, is a joyful one

Three years on from unveiling the intu brand, it’s become embedded into our 3,000 employees and is part and parcel of the way we do things. The brand has grown from strength to strength so now feels like the right time to introduce our 35 million visitors to what the intu brand is all about and what makes our centre's places they love to visit.

So, without further ado I’d like to introduce - Your Kind of shopping, our national consumer marketing strategy.

Creating a sense of belonging

The intu difference

We know and understand our shoppers and what shopping means to different people - that's all part of what makes us different

Our established brand and national scale means we’re able to take a birds-eye view of the nation’s shopping behaviours. We know and understand our shoppers and what shopping means to different people. Armed with this unique insight and our position as the UK’s leading shopping centre owner, we’ve developed a national marketing campaign ‘Your kind of shopping,’ to show our customers what makes the intu difference.

This marketing campaign is part of our brand strategy and demonstrates our commitment to delivering the perfect shopping experience for all our customers. Ultimately, ‘Your kind of shopping’ enables us to continue to build a loyal customer base, raise brand awareness and ensure that our centres are a first choice for shoppers across the country, time and time again.

"By connecting with customers we can encourage them to visit us more often, from further and for longer - that's the art of helping retailers flourish"

Trevor Pereira

Commercial and digital director or intu

Driven by research

We used research to make sure our consumer marketing campaign really hit home

The concept driven by research, centres on the characteristics and qualities displayed by a variety of bird species to create the idea of shopper tribes and enabling our customers to relate to specific behaviours, rituals or feelings about shopping.

There’s The Peacock, our Over-Excited Shopper and The Wise ‘Owl’ Shopper, who you can rely on to write a shopping list. The chicken takes the role of The Last Minute Panic Shopper and The Window Shopper elegantly ‘Swans’ around. Then you have The Big Day Out Shoppers who makes every shopping trip with the family an event, The Bargain Hunter Hawk, and of course The Flamingo taking the role of the Me, Me, Me, Shopper.

In a nutshell - everyone views the art of shopping differently. So in a world full of choice, where the path to purchase is complex, we’re reminded that our customers are free to shop how and where they choose.

But, by ensuring our brand is one that customers can connect with, we can create shopping centres where customers feel like they belong. That means customers will visit our centres more often, they’ll come from further and, they’ll stay for longer -and that’s the art of helping retailers flourish.

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