Working together to deter, detect and disrupt

We're celebrating our one year anniversary of Project Servator at intu Lakeside

The safety of our customers is our absolute priority closely followed by our relationships and partnerships with the police and intelligence services. These relationships enable our security teams to provide a safe and secure environment with the knowledge that we’re getting the very best expert guidance and advice.

One such partnership is Project Servator and this month (July 2017) we celebrate our one year anniversary of its introduction to intu Lakeside, delivered through our partnership with Essex Police.

So what is Project Servator and why is it so important to intu?

Project Servator is a programme used by Essex Police to deter, detect and disrupt criminal activity and potential acts of terrorism. Its core aim is to provide a reassuring presence for the community, encouraging us to work together, along with our retailers, in partnership to make our centre a safe place to be.

Police through their highly visible and unpredictable intelligence-led deployments use a wide range of services such as firearms officers, plain clothes officers and sniffer dogs, and work alongside our own security officers.

Key to the success of these deployments is to engage with our customers to provide re-assurance and demonstrate a partnership approach to policing.

intu own some of the most popular retail and leisure destinations in the UK, welcoming around half of the UK’s population every year who stay and enjoy their free time with us, so the importance of initiatives like Project Servator shouldn’t be underestimated.

Our security teams work alongside the police on these deployments, and learning from them whilst also understanding the importance of customer engagement in the deter, detect, disrupt aims of Project Servator.

So next time you’re at an intu centre and see one of our security officers welcoming you and providing great customer service, remember that they are also being vigilant and alert helping to deter, detect and disrupt any potential criminal activity thanks to initiatives like Project Servator, and the partnerships we have developed.

It’s all about making our centres a safe and secure environment for all so our customers can relax and enjoy their perfect day out shopping.