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WoraPay: the queue solution

We catch up with a Co-founder and managing director Richard Jackson to find out a little more about the technology that’s making simple purchases even easier

As a nation, Britons are known for their (sometimes) polite queuing etiquette but there are times when the thought of joining a never-ending queue to get your morning caffeine fix, lunch or even just to buy a gift card is just too much to bear. WoraPay have just the solution: an app that enables customers to order ahead and collect their purchase when it’s ready. Retailers adopting this innovative solution are able to give their customers a convenient solution that nips customer pain points in the bud, and build a loyal customer base. Because let’s face it, queuing is so last year.

How did the idea for WoraPay come about?

Waiting is a problem which is felt by all of us in different environments: coffee shops, stadiums, shopping centres, restaurants, etc. As entrepreneurs we started looking for ways that we could use technology to remove this problem. We believe we have found a solution. Not only does it save people from queues, but it also allows retailers to increase their sales and footfall. That’s why this service is so engaging and it’s so simple.

What makes WoraPay technology different to other services in the market?

WoraPay is agnostic to any mobile wallet app or user interface. We are focused on both the user journey and the merchant experience, therefore, there is no one specific app that we are pushing for all scenarios. If you are in an intu shopping centre, our technology will be embedded within the intu app. If you are in the central London, our technology could be used with your own banking app. The key for us is to help users avoid queuing and allow retailers to increase their sales and consumer engagement.

As par of the intu Accelerate programme, we’re also working on how to apply our technology to many other scenarios which is really exciting.

What are the benefits of your service?

First, we see a typical uplift per site using WoraPay of about 5% in gross revenue. This is very tangible, as we know £1.3 billion is lost every year due to queuing in the UK. Second, 38% of all UK consumers say they are likely to order and pay using an app in the next 12 months. So the market is already educated with this technology, the numbers speak for themselves.

Have there been any challenges in getting the product to market?

The market is getting more and more educated about these type of products, so it’s much easier to explain and sell. There are some specific verticals in the market (for example the coffee-shop vertical and quick service restaurants) where the product fits exceptionally well. This is where our focus is.

Describe your business ethos in three words

Payment without queues!

How do you think intu Accelerate can help your business?

It has already helped us. Gaining access to a vast number of high street brands is very difficult. intu is landlord to a plethora of brands that can use our technology alongside their own technology. This was our logic behind applying for the intu programme. The support and excitement from intu has been amazing and has helped us identify areas where our technology can be used to best effect. All of this has happened in a very short period of time.

What’s been the highlight of the programme for you?

Meeting and working with such amazing new people who understand that speed and agility can be achieved. I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time from their knowledge base within retail.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but always remember that some parts of it were. So build in sections and the big picture will come together.