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The Greendeck solution

As part of intu’s hunt for innovative ideas to help shape the future of retail, we’ve trialed our unique technology to enhance the online shopping experience. Find out more about how Greendeck can help retailers flourish…

There is an unyielding shift towards online shopping, and today’s consumers are very demanding, and expect the best online shopping experience possible. Be it seamless search or robust product recommendations, at the core of it all is clean, structured data.

Retailers have a big job on their hands when it comes to organising their products online. Some online sites host millions of products from various brands, which they have to categorise using taxonomy and by enriching missing information. Tagging this data manually becomes an impossible and expensive task resulting in poor product data that leads to a poor user experience and poor searchability.

Introducing Greendeck

At Greendeck we have the technology that can help resolve this issue for retailers. Using artificial intelligence, we can help retailers with product categorisation and tagging to produce rich, clean data that results in a user-friendly search and improved online shopping experience.

Greendeck has created a unique combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and image recognition.  This enables us to organise products into deep categories, sub-categories and attributes, to establish standardised data that is clean and searchable.

Not only this, our algorithms also help to enrich the data by adding more attributes that were not present before. To do this manually is a near impossible task considering the number of new products released every day but with our technology we’re able to quickly and efficiently help retailers to categorise their data.

The benefit?  An enhanced user experience for online shoppers that leads to better conversion and increased customer loyalty.

Working with intu

As part of intu Accelerate a ten-week incubation programme with leading shopping centre owner and manager, intu, we set out to provide users with the perfect online experience. There are over 400 top retailers currently on intu.co.uk, and with that comes millions of products. Throughout the programme we have successfully enhanced the classification of some of the fashion products available on the site by improving the information available. This provided a more detailed and accurate description of the items making them easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

For customers we’ve helped improve the online shopping experience with intu and for retailers we’ve implemented a solution that will help to deliver improved conversion rates – it’s fantastic because there’s a direct benefit to the entire ecosystem. Everyone’s a winner.