Solid gold

intu has been awarded Gold standard by Investors in People and Geoff Grateley, operations director of intu Retail Services explains why

Talking to someone at a recent industry event, we got onto the subject of how we look after the people in our organisation. The individual was interested in who we are, maybe they might like to work with us. Interesting. Great. They asked if we had thought about Investors in People. Better than that, I answered, we already have IIP Silver accreditation at all our shopping centres, and for the central Retail Services team that I am directly part of. And, we’re just going through an assessment to see how we’re doing and whether we might be good enough to reach the Gold standard. They were impressed, we talked some more. Maybe one day they might get to join the team.

Well, I’m proud to say that last week we completed our interim assessment programme (part way through the three year accreditation we secured in 2015) and each of our shopping centre teams, and the central Retail Services team, all achieved that Gold standard. Wow. What a result! But do you know, these things don’t just happen by accident.

Our teams work incredibly hard for each other. We push each other, we drive each other, we want to be the best, and we love the recognition that we get for it. We have great leaders, great managers, great employees, a terrific HR team, a first class learning and development team, and people throughout the organisation who work for each other, for the customers, for their retailers and their community. Our people are everything to us.

Guided by our culture and our values, we have spent that last four years on a “people journey”. Our teams have clear personal objectives, and they understand how those objectives contribute right through the organisation to meet our company objective of creating compelling experiences that make customers smile and help retailers flourish. We have great training programmes; we encourage people to become shareholders, and to save for their future. We challenge, we collaborate, we encourage and share ideas, and we reward and recognise those people who go the extra mile for our customers……..our people can literally “win their dream”.

So, do you know what, after 25 years experience, the people at Investors in People know a good thing when they see it. Our people are definitely worth every ounce of the Gold accreditation. Solid gold intu.