Reinventing British chocolate classics

Love Cocoa reinvents British chocolate favourites with a contemporary twist

Love Cocoa reinvents British chocolate favourites with a contemporary twist to offer the best quality handmade organic chocolate. Inspired by founder James Cadbury's ancestors, Love Cocoa comes in a range of flavour combinations and is free-from: refined sugar, gluten and soya.

We caught up with our Foodpreneur 2017 semi-finalist, James Cadbury

Why did you enter Foodpreneur? 

We entered Foodprenuer for a few reasons. One we are a Virgin Startup loanee, having received 1£0k from them along with their continued support. Secondly, the previous winners are companies we admire, especially Pip'n'Nut who have had great success since the last competition in 2015. Thirdly, it was a great way to understand more about how shopping centres work and test our product in the new surroundings of intu, and if we were to be named winner we would have six weeks to test new products and showcase them in innovative ways. Finally, it was the draw of hopefully making the final and being able to pitch to Levi Roots who is an inspiration!

What has the experience been like? 

We found the whole process pretty straight forward. The application process was easy to follow and the continued support from Virgin and intu has been great with any questions answered immediately. It can be quite daunting to do an eight-day pop-up in an unfamiliar city, but intu and Virgin made it as painless as possible.

Has it changed your business model? 

The process has made us think more about out model and how we can continue to innovate. We have certainly learned from fellow semi-finalists and the feedback from customers, and now have a number of ideas which we are pursuing off the back of the process.

Has it made you think differently about being an entrepreneur? 

The eight days certainly taught me that business can be tough and that you need to constantly evolve to be successful. We tried a number of different marketing approaches during our time at intu Derby to ensure it was a success and it certainly made us think more about who our customer is exactly. It has also made me more motivated than ever to succeed and our work output since, has certainly gone up a notch or two

What advice would you give for budding Foodpreneurs? 

Do something you are passionate about and believe in it. Be as innovative as possible from flavours to packaging and make it the best quality to help it stand out. Also, try and test products using a lean approach, we have learnt that it is better to pay more for a unit and not over order to bring the cost down. Scale will come at the right time and its worth waiting for this rather than trying to do it on day one. Most of all enjoy what you are doing!