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My experience as an intu apprentice

Adam Gillespie, apprentice at intu Lakeside

Before I started my apprenticeship with intu I was attending college full time but I feel like I can learn so much more within a real world environment like this. Everyone has been very welcoming and our mentors have given us so much support. I’ve worked in a few different departments since I started but business support is probably the area I’ve enjoyed the most as it has been really interesting to understand more about how the HR works.

Learning what the workplace is like at such an early age is incredibly advantageous and I feel that it gives me such a big head start compared to other people still studying at college or university. An apprenticeship actually gets you doing real hard work which is enjoyable at the same time.

In your first year at intu, apprentices like me gain experience within every area of the business before moving on to a specialised field. For example, I had a customer service job over Christmas which was the perfect time to experience this department at its busiest time of the year and deliver world class service to customers visiting the centre. Towards the end, it was non-stop selling gift cards and giving directions and I now know my way to every single store in the centre no matter from where I’m standing.

I’ve been working on a write up of all my past experiences in the departments I’ve visited so far, containing all the opinions and knowledge I’ve picked up while at intu Lakeside. I’m hoping at the end of my first year, once I’ve gone through every department, it’ll be fully complete and show future apprentices exactly what to expect from their time with intu.

Towards the end of my two years I’m hoping I’ll be offered a full time job in the department which I’ll specialise in at the start of my second year. As well as this, I hope I will have grown as a person and have gained much more knowledge and experience than I could have imagined in just two years. I think this goal is achievable because I have already learnt and experienced so much.

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