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Meet the intu Accelerate 2018 finalists

Introducing the seven start-ups shaking up retail

The retail industry is an ever- evolving conveyor belt of new trends and new ideas and this evolution would not be possible without creative innovators who are ready and armed to shake up the future of this industry.

This year’s intu Accelerate pitch day welcomed 14 start-up businesses who all offered creative solutions to enhance the shopping centre experience of today across five categories: capturing physical audiences digitally, events with a difference, categorising product data smarter, virtual shopping assistant and of course, this wouldn’t be intu Accelerate, without a wildcard.

After an exciting pitch day, we whittled down the successful entrants to the final seven who will now receive expert mentoring, advice and access to all things intu as part of the 10-week incubator programme…so without further ado, meet our innovation class of 2018…

A seamless delivery solution

Introducing CarTap, innovators on a mission to utilise idle cars using unique technology.

The software experts have found an inventive method that involves using an app to enable the safe and secure delivery of goods to shoppers’ car boots. Their aim is to offer an alternative delivery option for online shoppers, as well as offering shoppers in centre the opportunity to quite literally take the load off by taking their bags from shop to car boot!  This means shoppers will be much more like to continue shopping or spend a little longer and that’s what we call helping retailer’s flourish.

Taking the edge of energy consumption

Who doesn’t want to cut down on energy consumption? We know we do, and Grid Edge can help businesses to control their energy consumption and make them more efficient.

Using AI This complex, clever technology revolutionises our ability to learn how buildings perform and predict their future energy profile for optimal performance to reduce both costs and consumption. And we’re joining the revolution to see how we can deliver a more effective service charge for tenants and continue to exceed our environmental targets.

Have you got rhythm?

Don’t worry, no dancing required. Just get online (no app required!) and join hundreds of players on Piing – a multichannel game platform.

Rhythm digital, the makers of this new exciting event tech, put simple, good design to the test to ensure that every player enjoys a natural, fun and most of all, easy to understand interaction. This game comes with zero instructions – but is sure to give today’s fun seeking shoppers a memorable experience.

Cook, eat, earn and share

We Find Food otherwise known as WeFiFo (rather catchy, we know!) brings together people who love to cook with people who love to eat in a shared dining experience, whether that’s at your kitchen table, a picnic in the park…or for that matter, in your local shopping centre.

WeFiFo connects home cooks and chefs looking to share they’re culinary wizardry with paying guests in their local community – creating earning potential, with the added bonus of addressing important social isolation issues and giving shoppers a dining experience with a difference.

Greendeck will sort it

With an abundance of products, categories and sub categories for retailers and brands to sift through and tag, Greendeck has a solution that can help sort the brogues from the loafers.

Using AI and image recognition, this start-up business has a solution to automatically discover attributes of products and assign standardised data. Basically, they’re removing the hard work for retailers and improving the customer’s online search experience. It’s win-win.

It’s Siri for fashion

Yosh.ai aims to deliver an effortless fashion shopping experience using AI to personalise predictive recommendations – a virtual personal shopper if you will.

With millions of products available online, it’s difficult to know exactly which red dress, is the red dress your looking for, but Yoshi.ai can help with its smart solution. Combining auto-tagging of products based on image recognition, with an intelligent chatbot, visual search engine, personalisation and predictive recommendation engine Yosh.ai can serve up choices that meet both your budget and preferences – saving customers heaps of time searching ‘red dress.’

Roialty builds loyalty

Building a loyal customer base is a priority for most retailers and brands, and Roialty is here to help using their social profiling platform to enrich customer data.

By utilising anonymised data to understand personal interests and values, Roialty creates customer segments and observes these in real-time to give retailers more insight to help tailor marketing strategies and to improve the overall customer journey across digital channels and physical stores.

So that’s introductions done…stay tuned for more on these exciting start-ups as they begin the next step of their journey with intu Accelerate.