It's piggin' magic!

Introducing the winners of Virgin Start Up and intu's Foodpreneur 2017...Snaffling Pig!

Snaffling Pig Co are a horde of meaty treat aficionados, with a penchant for bold flavours and good, honest produce. They’re makers of big, bold flavoured pork crackling of the highest quality.

We caught up with our Foodpreneur 2017 winners Andy Allen and Nick Coleman

Why did you enter Foodpreneur? 

It’s such a well-respected award that’s had brands we know and love, win it before. We’ve had an amazing adventure the last couple of years and love talking about it, and whilst we’re not really ones for chasing recognition, it is lovely when you get it. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on all that’s happened, and hopefully help power the next stage!

What has the experience been like? 

Intense! But that’s why we entered, if was going to be easy and just a standard ‘pay to play’ type award it wouldn’t have appealed. Having our Pop Up Pig Shop at intu Derby was undoubtedly a stretch for us given how we normally operate, but we met some great people (big shout out to Andy J our man @intu) and created some new fans.

Has it changed your business model? 

No- We’re perhaps a little different to most businesses that enter as we’re a bit more established being 2.5 years in now, so our model is pretty set in stone

Has it made you think differently about being an entrepreneur?

I wouldn’t say we’ve thought differently as we absolutely live and breathe what we do (which can make us quite boring in the pub), but meeting the other finalists reiterated that there’s some great, passionate people in the food and drink start-up space right now.


What advice would you give for budding Foodpreneurs? 

Taste is everything- you can have the best branding, distribution, point of difference et al, but if the product ultimate doesn’t taste great you’ll be in for a hard ride. Sounds obvious but you’ll be amazed how often we sample something where that doesn’t seem to have been the case.




How has being a semi-finalist in foodpreneur benefited your business? 

It was a great way to test some new techniques (As an example, we ran a geo-targeted Facebook campaign which was geeky, but cool) and it was lovely to be able to reach out to all our customers and suppliers and watch them all support us on social media -it was as humbling as it was awesome!

What’s your most memorable moment of running your own pop-up? 

As much as it was lovely meeting the good people of Derby, the most memorable moment has got have been getting some interaction on Twitter with the big man himself, Sir Richard Branson. We’d been sending him pics of our week at intu Derby using the line ‘Richard sent us’ and on the Friday he replied to Nick. We won’t deny we’re total fan boys- it’s seems like it’s become a bit of a cliché to reference him as an entrepreneurial hero as he’s been doing it for so long, but let’s face it, he is an absolute legend.