Is it the death of the white table cloth?

Senior leasing manager of intu Caroline Helyer looks at the role of street markets in helping foodie trends trickle into the mainstream

One of the biggest trends of the food and beverage market at present is the growth of street food which is becoming a breeding ground for emerging trends that trickle into the mainstream market.

In recent years, we have seen the burger phenomenon, the barbeque offers, the more current pizza trend and now the rise of the healthy wraps, chicken and craft beer, as well as delicious and indulgent food at affordable prices with a focus on quality ingredients. There’s such a great range of cuisine available but what consumers increasingly want is an experience – a journey of culinary discovery.

That’s where the growth in food markets, which is a big trend currently in the USA, is influencing the food and drink industry in the UK. These food markets allow a diner to discover foodie delights and they’re flexible nature means that there’s usually always something new to try. It’s a foodie haven.

They’re also a fantastic opportunity for young chefs and new businesses to show off their talent and have their very own showcase in a safe, low risk environment that enables them to their ideas and grow their reputation. Whilst there is always a time and a place for the formalities of a white table cloth, consumers are increasingly seeking informal, shared dining experiences and food markets offer up all the right ingredients.



At intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham Street Food Club is now open on the upper mall of the Clocktower dining area. The 150 seater venue has hot food stalls and a bar, all represented by local independent traders. This gives a number of talented small local businesses the opportunity to showcase their food or drink offer and benefit from the centre’s 24 million annual footfall to gain exposure. The ethos of the market is to incubate and rotate small businesses throughout the year, giving customers another great reason to return to the centre to discover what’s new on the menu and sample different cuisines from around the world – it’s the eat global, dine local experience.