intu’s apprentice class of 2017

Our apprentice scheme allows participants to gain invaluable experience within every area of the business before embarking on a fantastic career with intu. A few of our apprentices share their successful stories here.

Alaina Wightman, apprentice, intu Metrocentre

The past year has been an amazing journey with many great opportunities at the best shopping centre in the UK. intu’s apprenticeship scheme gave me the chance to work within environmental services, business support, customer service, marketing, technical services, commercialisation and retail liaison. A highlight for me was seeing how the centre operates – it was a brilliant experience and I really enjoyed working in the mall; delivering world class service and making customers feel happier than when they walked through the door.

I enjoyed every minute of the apprenticeship scheme and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain as much insight without it. I’m excited to complete my second year in customer service and see what the future holds at intu.

Angus Robertson, apprentice, intu Braehead

As an apprentice at intu, I’ve had the chance to develop and experience so many different aspects of work and life - a chance I thought I would never get. Initially, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to embark on in the future and felt a career in retail wasn’t for me.

Working as a general apprentice means you have the chance to experience and learn about many different roles such as security, marketing and customer service. This has allowed me to decide which area of the business I want to grow in and hopefully what my future career will look like.

I’ve had lots of fantastic experiences as an apprentice at intu, including travelling all over the UK to meet other apprentices at intu.

I’ve also had the chance to implement a whole new system at intu Braehead which shows just how much responsibility and trust is given to apprentices at intu. Those are just a few of the amazing experiences I’ve had so far.

I never thought I would find my dream job as a business support coordinator at intu through the apprenticeship scheme, but you just never know what you might find when you just give something a go."

Joe Atherton, apprentice, intu Milton Keynes

Being an apprentice at intu has had its challenges but it has been extremely rewarding. I’ve been given a great deal of responsibility which shows intu invests greatly in its people and their future. The job has given me the opportunity to improve all aspects of my career; ranging from my marketing skills to my social skills. I believe the intu apprenticeship scheme is perfect for anyone who wants to get a head start into the working world. Overall, my decision to join intu, rather than going the tradition route to university, was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

A diverse and successful team

Our people are at the heart of our business, living our values and delivering the intu difference that sets us apart. They are talented individuals and our culture enables them to be bold, creative and genuine in their work making shopping at intu a joyful experience. If you’d like to join the team, please click here to find out more.