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Immersive experiences: the future of the shopping centre

The customer experience is a major influencer in millennials’ decisions over which shopping centres to visit, exclusive research from intu and Retail Week shows.

Today’s consumer buys into experiences. Not just within the stores they visit, but also from retail destinations themselves. As a result UK shopping centres are rising to the challenge by giving consumers more reasons than just retail to pay a visit.

Look no further than intu. The shopping centre operator will open its first Nickelodeon park at intu Lakeside, strengthening its appeal to the familyday-out market. This is a clear indication that shopping centres are about much more than simply shopping.

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While not every centre is going to feature an all-singing, all-dancing fun park, it does mean retailers now have to base store-opening decisions on a whole new set of criteria; does this centre offer the immersive experience the modern customer wants? Understanding this is key. What do today’s consumers expect from the experience shopping centres provide? And how will these expectations evolve? What are centres doing, and what can they do, to meet these demands?

To find out, this Retail Week report, produced in association with intu, has surveyed a nationally representative pool of 2,000 UK consumers to find out. Over the coming pages we will reveal how the shopping centre landscape has changed, bringing you the exclusive insights from our survey, identifying examples of centres leading the way, and arming retailers with key takeaways on what they need to consider.

The report can be downloaded online here.

"Today’s market is driven by the experience economy and we are likely to see and increase in resort-like shopping centres in the future."