Helping communities in need

It is estimated that 13 million people are living below the poverty line in the UK. Families on low incomes face daily battles to make ends meet and demand for foodbanks continues to rise. We recognise the complexities of these welfare challenges and offer many different types of support that respond to the needs of the communities near our centres.

In 2017 our centres saw a variety of activities:

  • At intu Potteries the team took part in the Big Sleep Out to raise funds for a local homeless charity.
  • Our staff at our head office 40 Broadway used their volunteering hours to serve breakfast at The Passage homeless shelter and to help run the charity’s foodbanks.
  • We have giving boxes in our centres where customers can donate items, such as food and clothing. intu Broadmarsh has offered its giving box to Nottingham-based charity, Shoe Aid, so customers can donate shoes to underprivileged schoolchildren and homeless people.
  • intu Uxbridge is supporting the Joy of Socks campaign with Trinity Homeless charity, which runs kids club events to make sock puppets and raise awareness on how important it is for a homeless person to have a clean pair of socks and look after their feet.
  • intu Lakeside teamed up with Thurrock Council’s Give a Gift campaign to deliver
    presents donated by our customers to 1,900 of the most vulnerable young people in the borough.
intu’s support for The Passage is invaluable and a model of good practice for how corporates can get involved in the community and help transform lives.”

Mick Clarke
Chief executive, The Passage

Solidarity spaces

In Spain we've introduces spaces solely for the use of charitable organisations 'espacio solidario'

These permanent spaces are located in the centre malls that can be used by the charities we support to raise awareness and funds with our customers.

The spaces give charities the opportunity to engage with customers directly, and
provide digital space to promote images and videos, making the kiosks interactive and allowing customers to connect with and discover causes important to their communities. With a combined total of over 40 million customers a year in our Spanish centres, these new solidarity spaces are effective communication channels
for social and environmental causes.

In 2017, our Spanish centres collaborated with 52 charitable projects covering
everything from environmental issues to cancer information. For example, the
Caritas charity used the Puerto Venecia space over 2017 to collect clothes for recycling, collecting 40 tonnes of clothes and raising €77,466.

The total value of our charitable support in Spain, from all sources, came to €310,000 for the year.