Green Gyms - celebrating a ten year partnership

Green Gyms® are conservation projects with a difference. There is strong emphasis on health and fitness, meaning volunteers improve both their health and the environment.This year we celebrated ten years of our partnership with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). Together, we have worked with local authorities and communities to set up ten Green Gyms near our centres. Over our ten-year partnership we have delivered real social and environmental change.

We have welcomed over 1,000 volunteers from the community, in addition to the intu staff who have given over 80,000 hours (3,000 days) to establish and maintain them – making everyone happier (attendees report a 21 per cent increase in  appiness). We have also seen marked increases in biodiversity; kingfishers have been observed returning to the intu Merry Hill Green Gym.This all leads to a £4 social return on every £1 invested in Green Gyms.