At the heart of communities

Our centres are forces for good in their communities. By providing employment, supporting local good causes, encouraging wellbeing and managing natural resources well, they bring benefits which help guarantee the long-term success of our business.

Being at the heart of local communities we are well positioned to work with retailers, local organisations and charity partners on initiatives that bring prosperity, encourage inclusivity and improve the environment. We focus on improving skills and creating employment opportunities to support economic inclusion and help equip people for work.

We want the almost one-fifth of the UK population known to have a disability to be able to enjoy our centres. We work with specialist charities such as the National Autistic Society and dementia charities to provide support that allows all our customers to visit our centres as independently as possible.

Operating and developing our centres sustainably means responding to long-term global challenges that will affect our business, including saving energy and carbon, reducing waste, water efficiency, sustainable transport and sustainable construction. We are always looking for new ways to increase our sustainability. Our ambitious energy reduction programmes, such as LED roll-out and installation of solar panels, reduce our carbon footprint and help to provide stable energy pricing for ourselves and our retailers.