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A guide to being an apprentice at intu

Adam Gillespie provides the lowdown on what it takes to be an intu apprentice

If you’re a joyful person who loves helping others and being rewarded for it, an apprenticeship at intu is the place for you!

Ever since I started at intu Lakeside I’ve delivered a lot of moments of joy to our guests and customers, even sometimes to co-workers whether it’s by participating in fun games at our weekly team meetings or simply using our ‘Joy Jar’ to hand out sweets to children at Kids Club. Making people smile is one of the most rewarding things for me as an intu apprentice as it’s amazing to get that warm fuzzy feeling for doing something good. I’ve even had positive feedback written about me which is amazing!

Of course there’s some more serious business to attend to as well so you get to spend time in the management office learning how a shopping centre works. This is one of the things which surprised me the most; how many resources it takes to run a shopping centre which is open for more than 12 hours a day.

To be a General Apprentice at intu and go to each and every department is extremely informative so you will definitely learn a lot from each of the different departments. That’s another great thing about intu is that you’ll experience what I like to call ‘mini industries’. Retail is the overall industry that you’ll be working in however in the centre management offices there are all different departments to experience such as Marketing, Business Support (HR, Finance and Compliance), Security and many more.

While I spent time in these departments I was able to learn and experience so much more than I ever thought I’ll be able to learn in an apprenticeship. The on the job training is alongside earning and working towards a qualification from City and Guilds and I’ve already achieved a Customer Service Level 2 NVQ as well as working at a Business Admin Level 3.



Making people smile is one of the most rewarding things for me as an intu apprentice

Being an apprentice at intu has given me an extremely big boost and direction in my career path much more than if I would have attended college and university as well as earning money, which is a great bonus.

Another enjoyable factor is the events which are held by intu in the centre. I know some of my most memorable moments have been from Student Nights or the Retailer Awards that intu host. You sometimes get to help manage the events as well as participate in them - so you see it’s not all work, there’s heaps of fun to be had too!