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Our centres

We own many of the UK's largest and most popular retail destinations...

With centres across the UK, our whole business is focused on creating the best places for shopping and leisure, so that visitors come more often and stay longer. We do that by bringing together our scale, expertise and understanding of what visitors want to provide compelling experiences that deliver real results for our customers, restaurateurs and leisure specialists.

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Helping customers flourish

Our focus is on creating shopping centres that are loved by visitors and where retailers, brands and customers flourish. This builds a long-term business that delivers value for our shareholders and stakeholders

Our business model

Our five year strategy

We have a clear strategy to addresses challenges and position us to take advantage of opportunities by way of four strategic objectives. With a largely new Board and a restructured executive team, we are already making progress

Our five year strategy

Our response to COVID-19

At intu, we’re doing everything we can to help keep people safe and minimise the risks from COVID-19 (otherwise known as coronavirus)


When Matthew met Katie

intu chief executive Matthew Roberts recently met with broadcaster Katie Derham to discuss the company’s strategy, the role of the store and the retail revolution

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What we do

More than just a landlord

At intu we're in the business of helping retailers and brands flourish, whether that's through leasing space in our prime retail and leisure destinations, commercialisation activations or online through our multichannel platform intu.co.uk.

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intu annual results 2019

See how we performed

In a world where it is harder for retailers to increase profits, our centres offer them the best opportunity.

Annual results 2019


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Our people

Our people are at the heart of intu's success

We have around 2,600 staff employed in 15 locations across the UK, in 14 centres and at 40 Broadway, London and in Spain. Of these, around 2,130 are frontline shopping centre staff directly employed by intu Retail Services.

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Better together

A meaningful difference

Wherever you find an intu centre, you’ll find a vibrant focal point of the community, where people go to shop, to meet, to eat, to socialise and to be entertained – and to work. We're heart of communities, and what we do and how we behave matters.

Corporate responsibility

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