Environmental efficiency

We work together with our retailers, suppliers and industry experts to operate our centres efficiently, conserving natural resources and developing sustainability

Given the scale and nature of our business, we use a lot of resources so it's important we act responsibly and efficiently. We focus on making sure we minimise the environmental effects of our business, from cutting the amount of rubbish we produce to installing energy-saving light bulbs throughout our centres.

We do what we can, and we spread the word among our delivery partners, retailers and visitors to our shopping centres to get them to follow suit.

We set ourselves tough targets and have now achieved three of our four environmental targets for 2020, three years early.  Since 2010 we have reduced energy intensity by 58 per cent, diverted  100 per cent of waste from landfill and recycled 63 per cent of waste. 

We plan to do even better by using our Green Lab to assess and pilot new ideas for how we can increase the ambition of our environmental commitments. 


reduction in carbon intensity since 2010


waste recovered for energy


of waste diverted from landfill

We have been impressed with intu's rapid carbon reduction; we are proud to work with them on their next stage of becoming a low-carbon company

John MacDonald-Brown

Consultant, Syzygy Renewables

Our focus

We are concerned with using natural resources efficiently, as well as making sure that our centres are designed, developed and operated sustainably. Our activities are focused on five material issues.

Energy and carbon management

Buildings are responsible for 40 per cent of energy consumption in the European Union, and electricity consumption is a major part of that, according to the European Commission. We are focused on not just reducing our carbon footprint but on using energy more efficiently to make our centres more resilient in the long term.

Waste management

Retail, catering and leisure operations produce large amounts of waste. Our focus is to make sure that none of this waste is sent to landfill, and to support recycling for as many materials as possible to increase resource efficiency. We therefore manage our retailers’ waste on their behalf to create economies of scale and ensure a high level of recycling.

Water efficiency

With a million visitors a day, our customer water use is significant. Our aim is to minimise our water usage, while maintaining customer comfort. We are trialling and using new technologies to help us to achieve this.

Sustainable transport

We work with local authorities and other key stakeholders in our communities to ensure our centres fit in to the local environment and are accessible by sustainable forms of transport. We aim to help customers, staff and retailers make more sustainable travel choices.

Sustainable development

We design and build our centres to be as efficient as possible. Our focus is to make sure our centres are built with a reduced impact on natural resources and the environment, and can respond to future challenges.