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Corporate responsibility

As a responsible business we want to create lasting prosperity for the communities where our centres are located, for our business and for all our stakeholders

Wherever you find an intu centre, you’ll find a vibrant focal point of the community, where people go to shop, to meet, to eat, to socialise and to be entertained – and to work.

This puts us at the heart of communities, and what we do and how we behave matters.

As a long-term business and a major employer we have an important role in the future and the wellbeing of our communities and the country.

Making a meaningful difference is important to us. We work hard with our stakeholders to keep communities thriving, to create a more sustainable future of secure employment, community partnerships and care for the environment.

We’re better together.


2017 CR higlights

Making a meaningful difference is important to us. We work closely with our stakeholders to keep communities thriving, to create strong community partnerships and to care for the environment. We always take a responsible approach and our success means success for local communities, tenants and shareholders alike.

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Just the way we do business

Operating responsibly and building our long-term success is integral to the way we run intu

We want intu to be a long-term and sustainable business. We can only do this if we care for the communities around our shopping centres and for the environment we all share.

CR forms part of the strategic aims of our business and subject to the same quality of governance controls.

We base our CR on three key pillars that support the long-term success of intu: community and economy, environment and relationships. This approach allows us to focus on the concerns and issues that are most important to our many and varied stakeholders and our business.

Corporate responsibility

How we performed in 2016

Our purpose is to create compelling experiences that surprise and delight our customers and help our retailers flourish, which in turn create benefits for our stakeholders – our customers, our retailers, our investors, our suppliers and our communities.

Community and economy

As a major player in every community we operate in we can make a real difference to people living nearby

We like to get involved in our communities, meeting people, finding out what is important to them and creating partnerships with local organisations to help them achieve things that will really help.

We focus on the things that matter most to our customers, such as giving young people the skills they need to work and succeed in life, making our centres accessible to everyone in the community and promoting activities that help people become and stay healthy.

A people business

We are a people business and what people think about us is important to our success

A lot of people have a stake in our business – our tenants and investors, obviously, our own employees too, and also suppliers, local and national government and people who work and shop in our centres. We set great store by understanding their concerns and expectations of our business so that we can respond appropriately, support our communities and serve our customers better.

Each year we try and improve the way we communicate and engage with our stakeholders, and have appointed a number of community managers in our centres to build local relationships.


We're a long-term business with a long-term commitment

Patrick Burgess

Chairman, intu

Keeping it green

We do everything we can to minimise the impact our centres have on the environment

Given the scale and nature of our business, we use a lot of resources so it's important we act responsibly and efficiently. We focus on making sure we minimise the environmental effects of our business, from cutting the amount of rubbish we produce to installing energy-saving light bulbs throughout our centres.

We do what we can, and we spread the word among our delivery partners, retailers and visitors to our shopping centres to get them to follow suit.

We set ourselves tough targets and we’re doing well. Since 2010 we have reduced energy intensity by 40 per cent, diverted 97 per cent of waste from landfill and reduced our water intensity by 10 per cent.

We plan to do even better by 2020.



of waste diverted from landfill

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Alexander Nicoll

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Too much information

As part of our world class service, we want to make our centres welcoming to customers with autism. intu Trafford Centre works with local autism charity the Together Trust to make the centre the first autism-friendly shopping centre in the UK.

400 intu employees have been trained so far and have found the training extremely helpful. We have had such positive feedback from our community and customers we are extending this programme to all our centres.