Corporate responsibility

As a responsible business we want to create lasting prosperity for the communities where our centres are located, for our business and for all our stakeholders

Wherever you find an intu centre, you’ll find a vibrant focal point of the community, where people go to shop, to meet, to eat, to socialise and to be entertained – and to work.

This puts us at the heart of communities, and what we do and how we behave matters.

As a long-term business and a major employer we have an important role in the future and the wellbeing of our communities and the country.

Making a meaningful difference is important to us. We work hard with our stakeholders to keep communities thriving, to create a more sustainable future of secure employment, community partnerships and care for the environment.

We’re better together.


Our 2018 corporate responsibility report

Our corporate responsibility report sets out our progress against the long-term commitments we set in 2014. It celebrates our successes and considers the challenges that we, and our stakeholders, face in the coming years.

Read our corporate responsibility report 2018

Behaving responsibly

We are a long-term business. through our strong relationships, we aim to create sustainable positive change in our communities and the environment

Our approach

Our commitment to CR and sustainability us is one of the five things we want to be known for as a business. We want to give our customers and our communities a sense of belonging in our centres and connect them by being a responsible business that addresses issues they care about. 

We focus on growing our business while delivering positive change in our communities and operating with minimum impact on the environment. This brings value to both us and our stakeholders. 

To do this we need to understand our stakeholders. Strong two-way relationships with all of them are vital. Open and regular communication enables us to understand their needs and expectations and find opportunities to work together on social, environmental and economic issues. 

As relationships are integral to everything we do and underpin our work around communities and economic contribution and environmental efficiency

Chairman's statement

"intu’s purpose to create compelling experiences that make our customers smile and help brands flourish is integral to our CR approach. In 2018 we maintained our focus on delivering positive change for our communities and operating sustainably"

John Strachan



We really are better together

Our relationships equip us to deliver our objectives and bring wider value to our stakeholders

Meaningful relationships are built on trust and transparency and ensure a two way dialogue with our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include:

We engage with our stakeholders in a variety of ways; from formal process such as public consultations and materiality exercises, through day-to-day interactions by staff across the business. 

By taking into account the perceptions, beliefs and expectations that our stakeholders have of intu and balancing this with our corporate objectives, we hope to reduce risk and increase loyalty. 

Ultimately, we want our stakeholders to be advocates for our brand, which means nurturing and cultivating our relationships. A good reputations with all of our stakeholders is essential to building these trusted and strong relationships. 


For more information, contact

Alexander Nicoll

Job title Corporate responsibility director


Too much information

As part of our world class service, we want to make our centres welcoming to customers with autism. intu Trafford Centre works with local autism charity the Together Trust to make the centre the first autism-friendly shopping centre in the UK.

400 intu employees have been trained so far and have found the training extremely helpful. We have had such positive feedback from our community and customers we are extending this programme to all our centres.