On 26 June 2020, KPMG were appointed as administrators of intu Properties PLC. Find out more

Our culture

In one way we are quite a simple business, with a focus on creating the best shopping centres. Our culture is driven by a single-minded purpose to make our visitors smile and help our customers flourish.

When we rebranded as intu in 2013 we agreed on three values that would help our staff make that happen. Every member of staff is trained in these values of bold, creative and genuine to help us act in the way we would like the business to act.  We are focused on employee wellbeing and making a positive difference to our environment, society and our governance standards (ESG). 

That means doing the right thing by all our stakeholders – visitors, customers, investors, suppliers and communities.

With such high standards to maintain we make sure we have outstanding and enthusiastic people working for our business. Our culture is dedicated to happy and talented employees who can unleash unleash their passion, innovation and creativity.