Our business model

By meeting the needs of customers and retailers we have built a long-term, sustainable business that delivers value for our shareholders

Our business model is based around four principles:

  • Our assets and resources
  • What we do
  • How we do it
  • Value we add


The quality of our assets and our people is demonstrated by the out-performance of national benchmarks against a challenging economic background...

David Fischel

Chief executive, intu

Our assets and resources

Combining our centres, our employees and our brand, supported by strong financial resources

What we do

We create compelling shopping experiences and help retailers flourish

Create compelling shopping experiences

Our insight and management of our centres attract customers for longer, more often and from further away by offering the right mix of retail, leisure and catering alongside our distinctive brand proposition.

Help retailers flourish

Our scale, flexibility, high-footfall locations and strong brand give retailers the confidence that they will trade successfully with intu, which drives rental income.

Develop long-term relationships

We develop enduring relationships with retailers, customers, employees, partners and communities that allow us to take a creative, collaborative approach to long-term investment and growth.

How we do it

We apply our specialist knowledge, expertise and market insight to our prime portfolio and focus on our strategic objectives to deliver long-term growth. In Spain, we are building a platform of the best centres through acquisition and development and creating a new class of regional destination centre: the retail resort.

The value we add

Our investments create the stylish and sought-after shopping destinations retailers and customers want, revitalises city centres and brings economic benefits to communities


total property return to our shareholders


growth in estimated retailer sales help retailers flourish


increase in net promoter score voted by our customers


rise in engagement index since 2012


reduction in carbon intensity since 2011 - working towards operational and environmental efficiency