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Immersive experiences

The future of the shopping centre

Today’s consumer buys into experiences. Not just within the stores they visit, but also from retail destinations themselves. As a result UK shopping centres are rising to the challenge by giving consumers more reasons than just retail to pay a visit.

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The changing face of retail

Trevor Pereira, digital and commercial director, intu, discusses how retail is one of the UK’s most dynamic industries, able to adapt quickly to what is a fast-changing environment

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What makes a flagship destination?

Julian Wilkinson, asset management director of intu, takes a look at the changing role of shopping centres

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Destinations that makes customers smile...

...and help retailers succeed in 2019

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intu trading statement Q3 2018

A strong and resilient operational performance

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Retail trends to watch out for in 2019

2018 may have been challenging at times but the UK remains a nation of shoppers. As retail continues to evolve, watch out for these key trends...

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